A special letter to you about
doing your work in a whole new way!

Become Internationally Certified as a Transformational Coach

Now you can become a Certified Transformational Coach, expand your work to a new level, and accelerate
your income. Transformational Coaching can be done in person or anywhere in the world by phone!

You become a Certified Transformational Coach in this internationally approved training.
Nurses' CEUs available, BRN Provider # 12110. 28 Hypnotherapy CEUs available

This is a truly exciting opportunity to coach clients and to assist them to overcome their
obstacles and move into their greatness using innovative transformational methods.

Imagine assisting people effectively and
earning your living doing true transformational work.

The Transformational CoachCore Training

You become a Certified Transformational Coach in our core training after 30 hours. (Eight 1 hr. seminars, 1 bonus coaching session with Sarah, and approximately 3-4 hours per week of written exercises, practice of tools, and telephone co-coaching with colleagues between seminars.)
There's a written progress report due at the end of the seminar as well as course evaluation and testimonials for your colleagues.

Advanced Transformational Coach Training

Advanced courses also available once the 'Core Training' is complete.

~ The Course begins: February 17, 2016 ~

Inspiring, high-level, professional coaches teach our program,
Sarah Horton and Marilyn Gordon.

Experience the advantages of being a Transformational Coach

  • Work with people to realize their dreams.
  • Increase your income with magnificent work.
  • Work either in person or by phone anywhere in the world.
  • Work with quality clients who want to expand their vision for their lives.
  • Work in a growing field with ever-increasing acceptance and income flow.
  • Learn from expert instructors.

You'll learn awesome methods in this enjoyable, profound training, in
which you are fully prepared to create a rewarding coaching practice.

What You'll Receive with Your Tax-Deductible Training Fee:

  • Private Transformational Coach Classroom online for reference.
  • Written course materials and scripts of Transformational Coach Processes.
  • Private Members Area class recordings for ongoing review.
  • Forms and tools to use successfully with clients so you can make your own.
  • Six months post-Certified Master Mind Group Call for ongoing success
  • Great support and encouragement with opportunities to network and practice.
  • Immediate access to your co-coaching network of Transformational Coaches
  • A list of questions to laser focus your coaching.
  • Listing on our Transformational Coach Members Website and Directory.
  • One hour of private coaching.

What You'll Learn:

  • A practical framework for the coaching relationship as well as for each session, including forms.
  • Powerful written and oral language tools.
  • Amazing change processes to empower your clients (and yourself).
  • Techniques to gain rapport and work effectively by telephone.

To become certified, you don’t need to purchase additional books.
You receive everything you need with your training fee.

During this training, you’ll have a lot of practice using your new skills so you’ll feel
confident in your ability to coach successfully while incorporating the gifts and skills you
already possess. You’ll see how easy it can be to create a life and coaching practice you love!

"I have paying clients already. There are tools that work in a very short time. And I found that I could ‘relax’ and do it. I’m a busy guy. Quick fixes and easy changes that really create results."

~ RB, Muscian


"I loved the Transformational Coaching class…truly innovative...it allows you the option of working from home over the phone and not always in person which actually gives me an even broader arena to reach clients all over the world. I believe this method of Coaching is the wave of the future."

~ AS, Hypnotherapist, Counselor


"We really examined our core essence and consciously articulated the values, dreams, vision, mission, wants and desires that come from deep within our hearts...and this is exactly what we will be asking of our clients."

~ MW, Life Coach, MFCC


"I really appreciate your energy and enthusiasm and expertise. The course certainly fulfils all of the criteria. Plus much more."

~ A.W. Sydney, AUS


"Working with each other, and having the experience of actually finding out, as a 'client' that the Transformational Coaching tools that are taught really DO bring change rapidly. And then, as the 'coach' to practice using those tools on a 'client', has been invaluable. Not only were we learning, but we were aligning with our deep true natures and helping to heal one another.”

~ MM, Nurse, Teacher


"These tools really change your life. I’ve done sales, teaching, coaching, sky diving; and this works better because of the profound results. ‘Successful people’ want it and get results. Of all the stuff I’ve taken, this Transformational Coaching trainings is really of high value. I’m dazzled."

~ RB, Advertising Executive


"I started talking about being a Transformational Coach and Wow, the universe is working with me. I’m so excited, that I have paying clients. It is just amazing, one after the other came in."

~ JO, Founder, Wellness Center


"You [Sarah] over-deliver on the classes and this way of learning is great. Every time I listen to the class I hear more more information and the teaching goes deeper.”

~ AW, Hypnotherapist, Counselor


"I like to walk the walk before I talk the talk. I love the creative, the wise mind work, and I trust my intuition more. You [Sarah] are providing that experiential process for us in a very clear way. Experiential plus the written materials and the understanding of where one is going in their life and what the journey is all about. It is really powerful and freeing."

~ JJ Victoria, AUS

The Core Course
with Sarah Horton,
Master Personal and Business Coach, Hypnotherapist and
Co-founder of this International Transformational Coaching Certification

Specific Tools You’ll Receive:

  • The ability to gain rapport easily
  • Learning to work effectively by telephone
  • How to access your intuition quickly and easily in the context of coaching to make it much more powerful
  • You'll learn to listen at deep levels to pinpoint what's really stopping your clients from creating what they choose, and help them shift it, just in the course of a 'normal' conversation to what they want.
  • The Wise Mind and Transformational Coaching techniques to uncover your client’s true nature, purpose, wants and desires
  • You'll explore and experience the larger picture of the Envision Your Greatness© and the Life-Planning Process in the context of coaching
  • Techniques to work with the Wise Mind and the creative energy between practical everyday steps and the fulfillment of larger life-intentions
  • Understanding how it's the job of the coach to hold the vision for the client's life purpose, observing and allowing your clients to move gracefully into it. This is the essence of results-oriented coaching that allows people to move from one level of their lives to the next.
  • How to look at the inner resources that are already in place and which ones are needed
  • Learn to assist in creating clear communication about the entire process of life planning and creation of results.
  • Tools for removing obstacles
  • Proven strategies to work with clients to create measurable successes
  • Keys to momentum building and motivation

You'll be asked to do weekly practice sessions for "Om-work." You’ll also be expected to do
some practice coaching outside of the actual telecourse. You'll have the opportunity
to create a conscious Transformational Coaching community to support your work.

The Master Coach” is available for your questions prior to each session.

Some of the experiential Life Planning topics we'll cover:

  • How to help your clients and yourself develop vision, mission and purpose. Learn skills to work with yourself first in this experiential program; then transfer these skills to working with clients.
  • How to assist clients to create a Life Plan. What are the results your client wants to create? At the same time, you'll be looking at your own plans and dreams. What is the Life Dream for 5-10 years? - 3 years? Or 1-year?
  • Get greater clarity about what your wants and desires are as well as how to guide your clients to look at the spiritual, emotional, and physical states of well-being so important to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  • Develop success strategies and powerful techniques and exercises that will reveal areas of the Life Plan that are currently in place and areas that are currently not in place.
  • Discover the inherent and underlying values that will serve as a foundation for the unique Life Plan.
  • Using Wise Mind Techniques, investigate the skill of asking for what you want, asking for the next step for both yourself and your client.
  • Create your own Life Commitments and Action Plan, and take the practical steps to bringing more of what you and your clients want into your life and relationships.

Other simple skills that you'll learn through the planning process are:

  • Time Management - Are you using your time the way that is most effective towards what you describe as being important? Are your actions and stated desires congruent?
  • Level of Energy - What are your energy drains and what are your energy providers? Have you created a life that continuously feeds you with the energy you need to live at your highest potential, or have you unconsciously accepted things that force you to deviate from your authentic self?

You will leave the training with your own unique Action Plan and skills you can use on your own.
As you master the skills and receive positive reinforcement in the subsequent
co-coaching group, you can then teach them to your clients.

About Our Award-Winning Instructors

Sarah Horton, MA, CHT, CCHC® is a Certified Success Strategies Results Coach. She has her BS in Business Management, Boston University and MA in Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. Sarah is a Certified Visionary Leadership Trainer, Certified Advanced Dimensional Mind Instructor, Certified Project Manager and Business Planner. She is a Certified Personal and Business Coach, founder of the Health Optimizing Institute and Wellness Coach, Peak Potentials Certified Trainer, over 10 years as a Visionary Leadership Training and Certified Hypnotherapist. She has over 20 successful years in Brand Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and Media. She is also a real estate broker and investor, published wilderness photographer and expedition leader, mother, meditation teacher, and healer. Sarah is co-author with Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield of Stepping Stones to Success launching March 2010, where experts share strategies for mastering business, life and relationships. Sarah has been coaching professionally, teaching at community and university level, creating programs and workshops for companies both national and international. She is a wilderness retreat leader, meditation teacher, and outdoor educator.

Marilyn Gordon is a life transformation teacher, healer, award-winning speaker and board certified hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy school founder/director, and author. She has been recognized with five major awards from the National Guild of Hypnotists. The latest award is Educator of the Year, voted on by participants in 2008.  She is also a member of the NGH Advisory Board, and she was inducted into the NGH Council of Braid, lifetime achievement recognition for her contributions to the profession. Her latest book is The Wise Mind: The Brilliant Key to Life Transformation and Healing, as well as CDs, DVDs, and more. She has been on the spiritual path for over 35 years in the areas of yoga, meditation, spiritual healing, and life transformation. Find out more at www.lifetransformationsecrets.com

Special Information

Dates, times, logistics:
The Core Telecourse begins on
February 17, 2016

Teleclasses will be held on Wednesdays
5-6 PT, 8-9 ET.

Payment plans tailored to your needs.

Early Bird Single Payment!
Only $977 if you register before
Saturday February 6, 2016!


Transformational Coaching Certification: You can choose one payment of $1,297.00 (Early Bird $977), two payments of $650.00 (total $1,300.00 - Early Bird $1,008.00) each, or three payments - One of $650.00, and two of $325 each (total $1,300.00 - Early Bird $1,022.00).

SAVE - Single Payment includes certificates and kits:  $977.00 prior to midnight February 6, 2016 or $1,297.00 after February 6, 2016

Register Now
Two Payment Option* includes certificates and kits:  $504.00 each month for two months ($1,008.00) prior to midnight February 6, 2016. After February 6, $650.00 for two months ($1,300.00)
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Three Payment Option* includes certificates and kits: 
$504.00 now, then $259 for two months ($1,022.00) prior to midnight February 6, 2016. After February 6, $650 then $325 for two months ($1,300.00). Register Now
* Certificates will be issued after course work is completed
and payment has been received in full.

Who should take this training:

This program is for anyone interested in becoming certified as a Transformational Coach through membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists, including professionals of all kinds and hypnotherapists who want to expand their skills. It’s also for those wishing to take the training solely for personal development.

This program is designed for:

  • Those who want career advancement (part-time or full-time) and who would like to work with people in a private professional practice of their own.
  • Business and administrative professionals looking to expand their interpersonal skills and mentoring tools.
  • All health professionals, including therapists, counselors, social workers, doctors, dentists, nurses, paraprofessionals and teachers  wanting to enhance their skills and add Coaching to their practice.
  • All those interested in alternative healing modalities who want to make a contribution by helping others.
  • All who are currently Hypnotherapists, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Wellness Coaches and who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in the field.
  • Everyone interested in learning coaching and subconscious success strategies for self- improvement and personal growth.
Expected Outcomes for Graduates
Graduates can expect to increase their earnings through full or part-time private practice, classes, group seminars, programs in vision, mission and purpose, value-added enhancement to your current practice, programs in hospitals, schools and government agencies, writing and publishing, media educational programs and many other avenues.

Graduates of our previous Transformational Coaching courses will get advanced credit for already completing part of the advanced program.

Free Teleseminar:
"How to Be a Powerful Life-Transformer
While Boosting Your Income"

Register for our LIVE Intro Call
on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, at 5 p.m. PT
, 8 p.m. ET - 60 minutes.

Find out what the field of Transformational Coaching is all about from an expert Transformational Coach, and see if this is a field that would be right for you.

Learn what Transformational Coaches do, how they work with people to get their lives on track, how they do the majority of this work on the phone with people everywhere, and how you can expand your work serving others while increasing your income.

You'll hear Sarah Horton discuss her career and your possible future work. Marilyn Gordon interviews her, and you'll have an opportunity to hear questions and answers from the audience.

Click Here to Register for the
Live Intro Call on February 3, 2016

"My experience of this course was enlightening. We got so much information in an easy and flowing way, and we also received handouts so that we didn't need to take too many notes. This workshop allowed me to grow professionally and personally. Sarah is magnificent, awesome, wonderful! Thank you!"
~ Marlene Caffi


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